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Welcome.  James Doherty is happy to be able to offer you a unique assessment and treatment to address your health needs.  The health centre specialises in balancing bio-energies of the body, by utilising a variety of natural frequencies.  We offer a treatment protocol that uses some of the more popular energy therapies and are often referred to as: energy healing; energy medicine; energy balancing, bio-energy balancing, chakra balancing; meridian therapy, but with a difference.   James has developed an assessment protocol (the Rudolph James protocol) that can identify your particular energy imbalances and apply a specific treatment plan to address these imbalances.  The treatment is safe, un-invasive and pleasant to receive.  We all have our own genetic differences and a bespoke treatment is administered to reflect these differences. 
James has many years experience in providing healthcare to the people of Stockport and Manchester.  Not only has he developed his skills and knowledge in clinical neurology, he has also progressed his knowledge and passion for energy healing.  By combining the two modalities, James has created a unique assessment and treatment protocol that can have outstanding results.

People are rapidly changing their opinions on healthcare and their options to restoring their health.  They no longer accept or believe that taking a man-made chemical concoction is a good way to restoring their health.  Whilst pain blockers or mood enhancers are a viable way to treat symptoms, they do not address the cause of your symptoms.  A new healthcare paradigm is being accepted worldwide and James can provide you with hope for a brighter future.  We are registered with the International Practitioners of Holistic medicine.
To make an appointment or to make further inquiries, please e-mail:
Central Buildings, 15 Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport.  SK8 5AF.  
Serving the people of Cheadle, Stockport, Manchester, Trafford and Tameside.