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Energy Imbalances

Most people are familiar with NHS medicine model ie. drugs, surgery etc, as dispensed by your GP or similar health institutions.  The term energy medicine is often greeted with suspicion and incredulity.  This is not too surprising, as all of the large scale testing and trials of common healthcare interventions are carried out by large pharmaceutical companies or similar institutions. 

It is true that you can improve some conditions with pharmaceuticals and surgery may greatly improve the life expectancy of people with many diseases.  However, chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, depression, and many more, are poorly understood and do not have a successful treatment strategy.

Energy medicine can treat poor health by addressing the patient’s energy imbalances.  Theoretically, it is just as easy to address a chronic condition, as it is to relieve minor ailment, if they are both in the same ‘stage’ of energy imbalance. 

Not all people in the end-stage (stage seven) have chronic pains or a life threatening disease.  However, they will have a greater chance of these occurring, the longer they are in stage seven.  Hence, a patient may require many treatments to revert them back into stage six, whereas another person may only require one or two treatments to achieve the same result.  Needless to say, to revert a patient to stage six is the first goal, but further health benefits can be achieved by continued treatment. 

The Primary Lesion
There are two ways to define a ‘lesion’.  From a neurological point of view: a lesion of the right cortex can be defined as a region of under-active neurons in the right frontal cortex and the knock-on affects via the descending motor and sensory pathways.  These lesions are genetical and may be severe or mild.

From an energy point of view: the above lesion would translate as an imbalance of Yin and Yang energies.   A healthy energy balance should display as having equal Yin and Yang.  Hence, when this balance is disrupted, disease is more likely to occur.  All patients will fall into one of four categories or two primary lesions.

  • Medial Left cortex (deficient Yin in left cortex)
  • Lateral Left cortex (deficient Yang in left cortex)
  • Medial Right cortex (deficient Yin in right cortex)
  • Lateral Right cortex (deficient Yang in right cortex)

Each lesion evolves and can morph through seven stages.  This will depend upon the patient’s genetics and subsequent lifestyle.  Once the patient is in stage seven, the primary clinical signs remain the same but they become more pronounced with time.  The number of treatments required for the patient to revert back to a stage six would greatly depend upon the severity of symptoms and the time they have spent in stage seven.

Energy Imbalances
An energy imbalance is when one side of the brain becomes under-active and the other side becomes over-active.  This is often referred to as an imbalance between the Yin and Yang energies.  There are twelve meridians (six yin and six yang), to each side of the body.  The right side meridians travel to stimulate the left-hand side brain and left side meridians travel to stimulate the right-hand side brain.

Yin Meridians:  Lung, Heart, Pericardium, Spleen, Liver and Kidney

Yang Meridians:  Large intestine, Small intestine, Triple warmer, Stomach, Gall bladder and Bladder

Each meridian pathway also branches off to regulate its namesake.  That is, the lung meridian will regulate the lungs, the liver meridian will regulate the liver etc.  Needless to say, bringing balance to these meridians will help any lung or liver ailments and aid cortical balance.  Bearing in mind that the brain regulates all systems of the body, balancing brain function is of paramount importance.

The chakras are energy centres, distributed along the midline of the body, that feed into the meridian system.  If a meridian or chakra (and subsequent associated brain region) is over-active, it can be sedated.  Likewise, if a meridian or chakra (and subsequent associated brain region) is under-active, it can be stimulated. 



The chakras (from lower to higher):  Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown

You may not be aware but human beings are far from being the solid structures that you envisage. If you could imagine breaking each cell down to its smallest component part, the atom, then you could see the true picture. A human being is made up from billions of atoms, each having its own specific frequency and polarity.



Each atom has a nucleus, made up of protons and neutrons (amongst other smaller parts) and many electrons circulate in various orbits around the nucleus. Whilst the neutrons have a neutral polarity, the protons have a positive polarity.  The electrons form the outer ‘surface’ of the atom and these have a negative polarity. The atom’s nucleus and electrons are tiny, with a relatively large distance between them.   The distance of the nucleus relative to the electrons has been described as: “a fly (nucleus) in the centre of a sports stadium and the electrons are tiny gnats circling the stadium”. Hence, each atom in the human body is more than 99.99% fresh air. It is the electro-magnetic forces between the electrons and protons that give each atom (and body part) the appearance of being solid.

All atoms are similar but each element has a different number of protons and electrons.  Within each nucleus, there are smaller particles called, quarks, leptons and bosons.  The difference between one atom (element) to another is their resonant frequency. This is often referred to as ‘string theory’ or cell resonance pattern.   Hence, you could also say that we are composed of a variety of frequencies (vibrations). It has been said that when we become ill, we have moved into a state of dis-harmony. That is, some of our atoms are no longer vibrating at their original frequency. They are dis-harmonious with their surroundings. Taking nutrition to aid an ailment, is in fact, introducing a specific frequency (element) to your body. 


All cells are in a state of vibration. When a frequency is introduced to the body, there is an energy transfer called entrainment, which encourages similar cells to vibrate at the same frequency. You may have heard about the affects of resonance on two instruments. If you strike a tuning fork, then an adjacent tuning fork will also resonate at the same note / vibration.

Likewise, when pendulums are set swinging at different times, they will eventually all synchronise to swing at the same rate and time. The human body is no different. The dis-harmonious cells can be brought back into harmony with the appropriate (healing) vibrations. Conversely, when frequencies are alien to our natural bio-frequencies, such as, Wi-Fi, radio waves, electricity pylons etc, this is called, dissonance and these frequencies disrupt our cellular vibrations.

Each chakra and meridian has an associated frequency that can be utilised to address the imbalances that occur within these systems. These frequencies are not the same for everyone. Some chakras and meridians will be under-active, whilst other will be over-active. All systems will be assessed and balanced accordingly.

Each cell membrane has a positive charged polarity. A cell may change to a negative polarity when the health of the cell is compromised. Aberrant cells (to include cancer cells) evolve into ‘new’ cells that the immune system cannot find and attack. Hence, detection of any polarity change and its subsequent bio-magnetic treatment, will help restore health / energy balance. 

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