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Energy Imbalances

You may not be aware but human beings are far from being the solid structures that many envisage.  If you could imagine breaking each muscle, bone or organ down to its component part, the atom, then you could see the true picture.  A human being is made up from many atoms, each having its own specific frequency.   
Each atom has a nucleus, made up of protons and neutrons (amongst other smaller parts) and many electrons orbiting the nucleus, in various orbits around the nucleus.  The electrons form the outer ‘surface’ of an atom.  The distance between the nucleus and electrons has been described as: “a fly in the centre of a sports stadium and the electrons are tiny gnats circling the stadium”.  Hence, each atom (and the human body) is more than 99% fresh air.  It is the electro-magnetic forces that give our appearance of being solid. 
The difference between one atom (substance) to another is their resonant frequency.  Hence, you could also say that we are composed of a variety of vibrations.  It has been said that when we become ill that we have moved into a state of dis-harmony.  That is, some of our atoms are no longer vibrating at their original frequency.  They are dis-harmonious with their surroundings.  Taking nutrition to aid the ailment is in fact introducing a specific frequency to your body, which may restore some harmony to these dis-harmonious cells.
Everything is in a state of vibration.  Every bone, muscle, organ, every system--all are in a state of vibration.  When two similar tissue or organs vibrate at different frequencies, there is an energy transfer called entrainment, which encourages them to vibrate at the same frequency.  You may have heard about the affects of resonance on two instruments.  If you strike a tuning fork, then an adjacent tuning fork will also resonate at the same note / vibration. 
Likewise, when pendulums are set swinging at different times, they will eventually all synchronise to swing at the same rate and time.  The human body is no different.  The dis-harmonious cells can be brought back into harmony with the appropriate vibrations, often referred to as entrainment.  Conversely, when frequencies are alien to our natural bio-frequencies, such as, Wi-Fi, radio waves, electricity pylons etc, this is called, dissonance and these frequencies disrupt our healthy cellular vibrations.
Each chakra and meridian has an associated colour and a specific frequency associated with this colour that can address the imbalances that occur within a chakra or a meridian.  These colours and associated frequencies are not set-in-stone.  The associated colour can vary, depending upon the patient’s condition.  Whilst one chakra or meridian will be under-active, the associated chakra or meridian will be over-active.  All systems will be assessed and balanced accordingly.
Each cell membrane has a positive charged polarity.  A cell may change to a negative polarity when the health of the cell is compromised.   For reasons unknown, it appears the aberrant or cancer cells evolve into ‘new’ cells that the immune system can not find and attack.  The mechanism of doing this is a reversal of polarity on the outer cell wall membrane from a positive polarity to a negative polarity.  In physics we know that like charges repel and unlike charges attract.  The simple analogy is putting two bar magnets together and if opposite ends they attract and bind, if same ends (north pole/north pole) then they repel or push away.   Over time, possibly through evolution of survival by pre-cancerous cells, a change of polarity from positive to negative prevents the immune system from attacking and destroying thus cells become cancerous and death and disease result.  These polarity changes aid us to determine which systems require balancing.
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