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What Do I Do?

The Examination
During all assessments and treatments, I implement my education and training in the science of ‘clinical neurology’ with my passion for bio-energy balancing.  I have combined this knowledge with a relatively gentle treatment protocol that I have developed, so that I can effectively treat many difficult and chronic ailments.  My objective in the assessment and treatment is to identify and correct all bio-energy imbalances that have a detrimental affect on your health.  I start my investigation with a comprehensive case history consultation. 
Each one of us has their own specific energy imbalance that manifests as one or more symptoms.  These symptoms may include: pain, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia etc.  Each of us has our own genetic predisposition to our unique energy imbalance.  The key to a successful treatment is to identify your specific energy imbalance and then to apply the appropriate energy frequencies to either stimulate the under-active systems or to dampen down the over-active systems. 
During the examination, I will determine where a particular system is imbalanced by using a simple ‘muscle reflex’ technique, to help me ‘see’ where and what is required to restore balance.  I will assess all systems for energy imbalances and make the necessary adjustments.  An imbalance in the brain can result in a wide range of symptoms that may result in depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances etc.
The Treatment
Once I have determined where the energy imbalances are, I am now ready to address the imbalances with gentle non-invasive corrective adjustments.  The adjustments will be made to all of the systems below:
  • Muscle and skeleton system
  • Neurological system
  • Chakra system
  • Meridian system
Muscle and skeleton system
We all have our own distinct muscle imbalance pattern.  That is, we have certain muscles that become hypotonic (poor tone) and it's antagonistic (opposite side) muscle becoming hypertonic (increased tone).  I will determine where these imbalances are and make the required adjustments.  I utilise a hand-held instrument (an Activator) to quickly stretch and relax the hypertonic muscles and I utilise a hand-held vibrator to stimulate the hypotonic muscles.  For those of you that are suffering from low back pain, I will gently adjust the pelvis and sacrum back into it's natural alignment.
Neurological system
As you will be aware, the brain and nervous system control or regulate all bodily functions, to include: movement, thoughts, hormones, gut motility, balance, emotions, sensations etc.   The brainstem and cerebellum regulate postural muscle tone and movement.  Hence, an imbalance anywhere in the neurological system would display as symptoms somewhere in the mind or body, depending upon which region is affected.  The activation of the brain and body is a two-way pathway.  The brain stimulates the muscles and activation of the muscles will in turn stimulate the brain.  Hence, a muscle imbalance may produce a brain imbalance, or vice versa.  I will identify and correct your brainstem imbalance, to help restore your health.
Chakra system
There are seven major chakras aligned along the mid-line of the body, with many more bi-lateral minor chakras throughout the body.  The chakras are the powerhouses, energising the meridian system and hence, an imbalance here may result in an imbalance in the meridian system.  Chakras often become imbalanced, with one or more becoming over-active, whilst it's associated chakra becoming under-active.  Once again, I will utilise kinesiology (leg length changes) to determine which chakras are imbalanced and make the appropriate adjustments.  I will utilise specific frequencies of light, sound and vibration to restore balance to the chakra system.

Meridian system
There are twelve primary bi-lateral meridian pathways and two extraordinary uni-lateral mid-line pathays that course through the body, energising all regions of the body.  Each of the twelve meridians is associated with a particular organ and an imbalance in one meridian may display as with symptoms within that organ.  The meridians are bi-lateral (paired) and an imbalance in any one meridian will display as one being over-active with its associated pair being under-active or blocked.  Once again, I will utilise kinesiology (leg length changes) to determine which meridians are imbalanced and to make the appropriate adjustments. I will utilise specific frequencies of light, sound and vibration to restore balance to the meridian system.

Once I have made improvements to your energy systems, you will return home for one week, until your next treatment date.  I will also ask you to do a simple exercise, to help you maintain your gains until your next appointment.  Your imbalance and symptoms have deteriortaed over a long period of time.  We will work together to halt this progression and return back to health.

Negative Emotions
Past negative experiences can have a profound affect on your health.  As you can imagine, the negative affects of say, a difficult divorce; the death of a close friend; severe financial difficulties etc, may have a negative affect upon your health.  These negative emotions can fester within the body for many years and wreak havoc upon your health.  If you have a negative emotion(s), then this will be identified and dealt with.

As we are all energetic beings (positively charged), we can utilise magnetism to help us determine if a particular part of the body is displaying the correct polarity.   Modalities, such as pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) is utilised to help the body to re-establish its correct polarity.   Each system will require the appropriate type and amount of energy input to either stimulate or dampen the system.  Each dis-harmonious cell will require a specific bio frequency to help it harmonise to this frequency.  One or more of the below frequency energies will be applied to restore harmony:
  • Colour light energy
  • Sound energy
  • Magnetic energy
  • Piezoelectric energy
My Promise
When I assess and treat a patient attending my clinic, I will ascertain what type of energy and where the energy is required.  If you attend my clinic, I promise:
  • I will take a full case history of all your symptoms and your previous medical history.
  • I will test for and address all energy imbalances that are detrimental to your health.
  • I will give you the appropriate rehabilitation exercise, to help you maintain balance.
  • I will endeavour to do my best for you and give you renewed hope for your future.
To make an appointment or to make further inquiries, please phone 0161 482 0786 or e-mail:
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