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Rudolph James Protocol

The Rudolph James Protocol (RJP) uses a unique assessment protocol to determine your specific energy imbalances and utilises many established therapies to rebalance the bio-energy of your body.  James has developed an assessment protocol that can quickly and accurately identify which energy systems are imbalanced, which 'type' and amount of energy will rebalance these systems and how to help prevent your ailment from returning.  James will test and balance the energies of:
  • The muscle and skeleton system
  • The nervous system
  • The meridian system
  • The chakra system

Dis-ease or poor health is thought to be the end result of prolonged and sustained slide into bio-frequency disharmony.  In order to rebalance an energy system, specific bio-frequency vibrations are required on specific parts of the body, to energise an under-active system or to damped down an over-active system.  Different wavelengths of light and sound have their own specific vibration frequency.  When one or more of these are applied to specific chakras, meridians, cortex etc, then harmony can be restored to these systems.
After taking and discussing your previous health history, the assessment will begin.  James uses a simple muscle reflex (kinesiology) technique to determine what the body does or doesn’t ‘like’, in order to determine what specific vibration frequency, which specific region of the body and how much energy should be used, to restore balance.  Once this has been determined, one or more of the energies below will be utilised to restore balance.  A combination of the therapies are often referred to as: energy healing; energy medicine; energy balancing, chakra balancing; meridian therapy.  All of the below will be used at some stage during the treatment.
  • Vibration energy
  • Light energy
  • Sound energy
  • Electro-Magnetic energy
We are all energetic beings that have a positive electro-magnetic force emanating from each cell.  Each cell vibrates at a specific frequency, giving it a specialised function to carry out within the body.  When this frequency and polarity change, then dis-harmony and dis-ease prevail.  Using the appropriate bio-frequency and electro-magnetic energy on these dis-harmonious cells, can help restore your health.  
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