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What Do I Do

The Good Vibrations Health Centre can offer you a new and extraordinary assessment and treatment, to help you become healthier.  I combine my knowledge and training in ‘clinical neurology’ with energy healing, creating a gentle and effective treatment protocol that I have developed.  This enables me to treat many severe and chronic ailments.

My objective in the examination and treatment, is to identify and correct energy imbalances that have a detrimental affect upon your health.  From the information given to me during the consultation and test results from the examination, I will form a ‘picture’ of what is likely to be causing your energy imbalances and subsequently affecting your health.  Energy imbalances have a very real physical affect upon your body and may cause pain, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings etc.  Your energy imbalance is not caused by working long hours or experiencing stress, but these may exacerbate your symptoms. 


The Examination and Treatment
During the examination and treatment, you will remain clothed and all therapies are comfortable to receive.  You will lay prone on the treatment table, relaxed and listening to specific tunes / frequencies.  I will put a pair of flat-soled shoes on you, which allow me to compare your leg lengths.  In the relaxed lying position, your legs will be the same length.  However, one leg will become shorter (approx one half inch), whenever I do something to you that causes a greater energy imbalance.  This is very similar to the reaction during kinesiology testing.

The leg length difference is caused by reflex muscle contractions in one leg that result in one leg becoming shorter. Like a concertina, the joints of the ankle, knee and hip become more compressed. This reflex will happen if, for example, I apply an energy source to an over-active meridian.  Hence, I can utilise this reflex to determine which meridians require stimulating or sedating, which type of energy source is required and for how long it is required.

The brain is the master control centre or regulator of all physiological events.  The brain or brainstem control or regulate our five primary senses, neurotransmitters, hormones, stress response, immune system, autonomic nervous system (blood pressure, respiration etc), posture and gut function.  Therefore, the correct assessment and appropriate energy balancing here will help to improve these functions.

We all have an energy imbalance that results in a muscular imbalance, which is a consequence of our genetics.  Certain nuclei within the brainstem regulate specific muscles in our body. Our posture is reflective of our brainstem function.  If you are one of the many people who suffer from car sickness or have a dis-like of spinning, then this is a strong indicator that your vestibular nuclei are imbalanced, which regulate the tone of spinal muscles. The treatment is designed to reduce the muscular imbalances, restore energy balance and ultimately to improve your health.
Once the cortical, musculo-skeletal, meridian and chakra systems have been tested and balanced, I can then address your magnetic polarity imbalance.  Please refer to the 'Energy Imbalances' page for further information.  As with all ailments, it would help if you were to adopt a relatively healthy lifestyle, in order to remain healthy.

To make an appointment or to make further inquiries, please e-mail: goodvibrationshealthcentre@gmail.com

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